Location: United Kingdom

PHSS Aseptic Processing Workshop Syndicates
April 3 - 4, 2019

We’re proud to be a sponsor for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Societies (PHSS) upcoming Aseptic Processing Workshop Syndicates, which is two full days of hands-on workshops and a great opportunity to improve knowledge and applied/practical skills in aseptic processing. Be sure to join us at Workshop 2 on Day 1 to hear from our expert, Simon Rowlands! See more details, below. 

Day 1 Workshop 2: VHP/vH2O2 applied to Barrier Technology, Loads and Feeder Bowls
Time: 10:00 AM
Lead Trainer: James Drinkwater, PHSS Chairman, F Ziel GmbH, Head of GMP Compliance and Aseptic Processing
Support Trainer: Simon Rowlands, STERIS Life Sciences, UK & Ireland

Workshop 2 Overview
VHP/vH2O2 is widely used in isolator barrier technology biodecontamination and material transfer chambers for surface biodecontamination of loads. Via the MHRA Blog on "Fragility of VHP" the process has come under question and particularly challenged if claimed to be a sterilisation process. One area that VHP/vH2O2 is applied in filling lines is biodecontamination of indirect product contact parts, including feeder bowls and trackways, such surfaces require to have assured sterility and as VHP is not considered a sterilisation process by regulatory authorities then a contamination control strategy has to consider a different approach. The PHSS have considered the science and process related to assurance of sterility of indirect product contact surfaces in aseptic process filling and prepared a clarity of GMP Guidance note no.1. This guidance and associated science of VHP/ vH2O2: Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide will be discussed in the workshop.