Location: Webinar

Join our experts Dijana Hadziselimovic and Paul Lopolito at their upcoming webinar hosted by Executive Conference Corporation (ECC).  This webinar will help industry leaders prepare and prevent rouged stainless steel equipment in their pharmaceutical facility through best practices and other crucial tools. 

The first part of the webinar will focus on preventing rouged stainless steel by understanding the contributing factors to this corrosion such as the presence of halides, oxidizing chemistries, extreme pH’s, high temperatures, dissimilar metallurgy, defects, improper welding and inadequate passivation. The second part covers how rouged equipment affects and reducts cleanability, sanitization, contamination control practices and equipment life expectancy. The final, and third part of this webinar will explain a predictive model to help investigate and design stainless steel maintenance strategies for your facility. 

Key Webinar Topics:

  • Causes, concerns and remediation of rouge

  • Passivation best practices and verification tools

  • Predictive model for laboratory studies

  • System based strategy to stainless steel maintenance

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