Mentor, OHIO – September 20, 2017– STERIS Corporation announces the introduction of the STERIS VHP® DC-A atmospheric pass-through chambers for material transfer, designed for use in aseptic drug manufacturing and laboratory research facilities.

Utilizing the STERIS VHP low temperature surface bio-decontamination process, the material transfer system is an optimal addition to STERIS’s Washer and Steam Sterilizer product portfolio. The STERIS VHP DC-A Atmospheric pass-through chambers complement the RELIANCE® Pharmaceutical Grade and Laboratory Glassware Washers, the Basil® Cage Washers the AMSCO® and FINN-AQUA® GLP Laboratory Sterilizers, the STERIS VHP® LTS-V Low Temperature Terminal Sterilizers for sensitive drug delivery devices along with the FINN-AQUA® BPS GMP steam sterilizers for component sterilization prior to aseptic manufacturing and assembly.

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are under pressure to improve their material transfer bioburden control. Manual wiping operations, lack of continuous control and remaining contamination risks while transferring bags of goods from a lower grade classified area to a higher tend to create bottlenecks in many facilities.  In addition, many research facilities are using low temperature sterilization methods to reduce bioburden on incoming materials for animal holding areas to improve animal well being and ensure consistent research outcomes.

“The new STERIS VHP DC-A atmospheric decontamination chambers bring the recognized STERIS brand’s quality to aseptic material transfer and bioburden reduction,” comments Juha Mattila, Senior Product Manager for STERIS Life Sciences. “Our aseptic manufacturing and research Customers will appreciate unique features that allow independence from building HVAC systems, integrated peroxide sensor monitoring, HEPA filtration and the possibility to have particulate monitoring for the transfer process. To do this, the VHP DC-A decontamination chamber utilizes the new highly efficient bio-decontamination process by STERIS VAPROX® vaporized hydrogen peroxide while the newly-designed integrated catalytic aeration system provides fast cycle times allowing high productivity in the facility.”

The new STERIS VHP DC-A product line complies with current GMP design and documentation requirements, current GAMP guidelines for control systems and is fully factory tested prior to delivery. The “Electronic Data Security” Options allow users to configure a comprehensive yet cost-effective system to manage vital electronic data and comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and European Annex 11 requirements.

Customers can contact their local STERIS Capital Equipment Solutions Representatives for more information.

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