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MENTOR, OHIO – September 28, 2021 – STERIS today announced a new partnership with H+E Pharma, a Stuttgart, Germany-based engineering company. Together, the two companies will design, install and maintain end-to-end, turnkey clean utility water systems for life science pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications in the European market.

For decades, STERIS Finn-Aqua™ Multiple-Effect Water Stills (MWSs) for creation of Water for Injection (WFI) and Pure Steam Generators (PSGs) for pure steam have been the standard for innovation and efficient and reliable production of process utilities.

“We know that our Customers want an end-to-end, turnkey clean utility water system,” said Steve Schultz, Vice President, Global Accounts, STERIS Life Sciences. “We can now provide our broad portfolio of Finn-Aqua® products, alongside H+E’s engineering expertise to offer pre- and post-treatment Purified Water (PW) and WFI systems that use an environmentally sustainable design and provide the lowest total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of the system.”

As an added benefit, STERIS can serve as the single point of contact to deliver the turnkey solution, simplifying the engineering, design, build and installation process for a project, as well as post-project maintenance.


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About H+E Pharma

H+E pharma is a pharmaceutical engineering company dedicated to providing purified water system solutions for pharmaceutical clients around the world.


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