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Spordex Biological Indicator Discs

Spordex® Biological Indicator Discs are small, individually or bulk-packaged discs of filter paper, polyflex, or stainless-steel coupons inoculated with bacteria spores for monitoring ethylene oxide (EO), dry heat, and saturated steam sterilization, or hydrogen peroxide vapor biodecontamination.

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Product Overview

Spordex Biological Indicator Discs can be small discs of special filter paper, polyflex, or stainless steel coupons inoculated with bacteria spores, either Bacillus atrophaeus (BA) for ethylene oxide and dry heat sterilization, or Geobacillus stearothermophilus (GS) for saturated steam or hydrogen peroxide vapor biodecontamination. Discs and coupons are either packaged in bulk or individually packaged in glassine or Tyvek®. Biological Indicators with known resistances and spore populations are available to ensure consistent biodecontamination monitoring.


Spordex Biological Indicator Discs can be placed inside your devices to create a customized challenge device or put in the load in their sealed envelope. After the biodecontamination cycle is complete, coupons should be transferred aseptically to media and incubated.


  • Productivity - Small size allow greater flexibility in placement of BIs.
  • Ease of Use - Coupons can be placed in your specific device being sterilized to create your own custom challenge devices.
  • Reliability - Lot number, organism, and expiration printed on each package.
  • Efficacy - Meet the suggested performance parameters published in the current USP and EP standards.
  • Flexibility - Custom designed coupons with defined populations or D-value ranges are available.

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