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Spordex VH2O2 Biological Indicators

Spordex® VH2O2 Biological Indicators is a hydrogen peroxide vapor biological indicator and growth medium for testing, validation,and routine monitoring of applications with VHP Biodecontamination Units using patented STERIS VHP process technology.

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Product Overview

Spordex VH2O2 Biological Indicators aid in validation and routine monitoring of applications with VHP Biodecontamination Units using STERIS’s patented VHP process technology.

How Spordex VH2O2 Biological Indicators Work

Spordex VH2O2 Biological Indicators contain a known population of Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. During a typical biodecontamination cycle, the biological indicator is inactivated with hydrogen peroxide vapor. Inactivation is verified using biological indicator media.

Why Spordex VH2O2 Biological Indicators

Formulated and tested for optimum performance with STERIS VHP Biodecontamination Units using VHP Process Technology.

Repeatable results. E6 (6-log) verification.

24-hour or 7-day biodecontamination cycle results.

Testing of each manufactured lot. Manufactured to lot control in accordance with cGMP procedures.

ATCC 7953, ATCC 12980

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of manufacture/analysis for consumable products by product ID and lot number. (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required)