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Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBI)

The most convenient format for biological indicator testing, the SCBI helps eliminate false positives and the need for aseptic handling. The fully enclosed single-or dual-species indicators, with a chemical indicator and growth medium, are designed to monitor steam and/or ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization cycles.

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Product Overview

STERIS Verify® Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBIs) are available as either single or dual species formats: Bacillus atrophaeus (BA) for ethylene oxide and/or Geobacillus stearothermophilus (GS) for saturated steam sterilization. This flexibility allows the use of Verify SCBI in monitoring steam sterilization [250°F (121°C) gravity, 270°F (132°C) pre-vacuum, 270°F (132°C) gravity flash] and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization processes. Each SCBI is completely self-contained in a vial with a disc inoculated with the specified spores, and an ampule of specially formulated soybean casein digest growth medium with a pH indicator. In addition, the vial label contains a chemical indicator for steam and EO.


STERIS Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBI) are small devices that can be easily placed into sterilization loads. After sterilization, each SCBI can be activated using a special tool that allows the disc inoculated with spores to contact the media. The SCBI is then placed in the appropriate incubator. After 24 hours (steam) or 48 hours (ethylene oxide), microbial growth is indicated by a distinct blue to yellow color change of the media.


  • Cost Savings - Convenient, easy to use biological indicator that eliminates aseptic handling.
  • Productivity - Fast final result - 24-hours for steam sterilization or 48-hours for EO sterilization.
  • Reliability - Sturdy design prevents premature activation.
  • Flexibility - Steam and EO chemical indicators on every vial helps identify processed SCBIs.
  • Ease of Use - Easy to read blue to yellow color change indicates growth.

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