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Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators

Verify® Self-Contained Biological Indicators are the most convenient format for biological indicator testing. The fully enclosed single-or dual-species indicators, with a chemical indicator and growth medium, are designed to monitor steam and/or ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization cycles and help eliminate false positives and the need for aseptic handling.

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Product Overview

STERIS Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators are available as either single or dual species formats: Bacillus atrophaeus (BA) for ethylene oxide and/or Geobacillus stearothermophilus (GS) for saturated steam sterilization. This flexibility allows the use of Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators in monitoring steam sterilization [250°F (121°C) gravity, 270°F (132°C) pre-vacuum, 270°F (132°C) gravity flash] and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization processes. Each Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicator is completely self-contained in a vial with a disc inoculated with the specified spores, and an ampule of specially formulated soybean casein digest growth medium with a pH indicator. In addition, the vial label contains a chemical indicator for steam and EO.


STERIS Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicators are small devices that can be easily placed into sterilization loads. After sterilization, each Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicator can be activated using a special tool that allows the disc inoculated with spores to contact the media. The Verify Self-Contained Biological Indicator is then placed in the appropriate incubator. After 24 hours (steam) or 48 hours (ethylene oxide), microbial growth is indicated by a distinct blue to yellow color change of the media.


  • Cost Savings - Convenient, easy to use biological indicator that eliminates aseptic handling.
  • Productivity - Fast final result - 24-hours for steam sterilization or 48-hours for EO sterilization.
  • Reliability - Sturdy design prevents premature activation.
  • Flexibility - Steam and EO chemical indicators on every vial helps identify processed SCBIs.
  • Ease of Use - Easy to read blue to yellow color change indicates growth.

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