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Verify Bowie Dick Test Card

A laminated card designed to test the performance of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. The Bowie Dick Test Card evaluates the effectiveness of air removal from the sterilizer chamber during a single pre-vacuum pulse steam sterilizer cycle.

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Product Overview

STERIS Verify® Bowie-Dick Test Card is designed for use in a 132 to 134 ºC (270 to 273 ºF) pre-vacuum steam sterilization cycle with an exposure time of 3-½ to 4 minutes. Available for single or multiple vacuum cycles, the multiple chemical bars will change color from yellow to black. If air is trapped in the card, the bars will not darken equally. Provides an easy and accurate way to test air removal and steam penetration in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 132 to 134 ºC. It is a lightweight, compact, one piece system that is pre-assembled and ready for use. The Dart Daily Air Removal Test eliminates the need to spend time folding towels and preparing packs necessary for traditional Bowie Dick Test Packs.


Each day the Verify Bowie-Dick Test Card should be placed above the drain in an empty sterilizer. As the pre-vacuum sterilization cycle is run, steam will penetrate the laminated card through two holes and will turn the indicator from yellow to black. When the cycle is complete the card can be retained for your records.


  • Ease of Use - Provides a convenient package for testing of multi-pulse cycle steam sterilizers.
  • Productivity - Provides immediate visual evidence of inadequate air removal or air leak-back.
  • Easy to Validate - Provides permanent documentation (No color fading or darkening after processing).
  • Ease of Documentation - Results can easily be stored, filed and retrieved.
  • Cost Savings - Eliminates waste associated with other Bowie Dick type tests.

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