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CIP Neutralizer Alkaline Neutralizer

CIP Neutralizer® Alkaline Based Neutralizer

Alkaline Blend for pH Neutralization

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Product Overview

CIP Neutralizer® Alkaline Based Neutralizer is specially formulated for neutralization of acidic solutions.


CIP Neutralizer Alkaline Neutralizer is a liquid blend of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide suitable for a variety of applications where raising the pH or increasing the alkalinity of a solution is required.


Productivity - Raises the pH of solution utilizing a blend of potassium and sodium hydroxide
• Environmentally friendly - Formulated with low mercury content in order to meet environmental requirements
Reliability - Manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and ISO 9001 certified facility




Form - Colorless / clear liquid 
Odor - None 
Specific Gravity - 77° F (25° C) 1.30 
pH - (1%) 12.6, typical 
Solubility - Complete 
Foam - None

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