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ProKlenz Foam High Performance Alkaline Cleaner

ProKlenz® Foam High Performance Alkaline Cleaner

Globally Available Alkaline Foaming Detergent for Spray Applications

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Product Overview

ProKlenz® Foam High Performance Alkaline Cleaner is an engineered all-purpose cleaner to accommodate the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries worldwide. ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner has a high foam profile, even at a low concentration, for improved cleaning over existing foam products. The free rinsing formula and surfactant system minimize utility consumption and promote cost-effective cleaning processes.


When used as directed with suitable foaming spray equipment, ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner can be applied on internal and external processing equipment constructed from common types of metals and plastics. Emulsification and dispersion properties create an effective foam profile for cleaning fats, oils, and organic soils.


Standardization - Globally available product enables harmonized cleaning protocols across sites
Sustainability - Free rinsing formula minimizes utility consumption and detergent residue
Effectiveness - Alkaline compatible surfactant system cleans efficiently with one high foaming product
Efficiency - A high foaming system and low use-concentration creates a robust foam profile that promotes cost-effective cleaning and minimizes cleaning time
Quality - Manufactured within an FDA registered plant, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 compliant, to meet the highest standard in manufacturing and quality assurance


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