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ProKlenz TWO Acid Detergent

ProKlenz® TWO High Performance Acid Detergent

Organic Acid Blend; Biodegradable Ingredients; Routine cleaning; Rouge Removal; Passivation

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Product Overview

ProKlenz® TWO High Performance Acid Detergent is a specially formulated phosphate-free for routine cleaning, derouging and passivation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and other industries requiring an effective validatable detergent.


ProKlenz TWO Acid Detergent is a proprietary blend of organic acids, an advanced surfactant system and other performance-enhancing ingredients that provide multiple cleaning mechanisms. This low foaming product removes a wide range of process residues, inorganic soils and rouge, and is ideal for use in CIP, COP, manual and passivation applications.


Productivity - Effective for routine removal of inorganic soils and rouge as well as for passivation in clean-in-place (CIP), clean-out-of-place (COP), and manual applications
Easy to Validate - Facilitates cleaning validation with a comprehensive support documentation package including specific and non-specific analytical methods, toxicity, and substrate compatibility reports
Cost Savings - Reduces water consumption and cleaning time due to superior rinsing and low foaming characteristics
Globally Availability - phosphate-free, and manufactured with biodegradable ingredients to support harmonization of cleaning processes
Reliability - Manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and ISO 9001 certified facility



Form - Liquid 
Odor - Slight chemical 
Specific Gravity - 77° F (25° C) 1.18 
pH - undiluted 1.3 
Solubility - Complete 
Foam - Low 
Rinsing - Excellent 
Phosphates - None; 0% P 

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