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VHP 1000i Biodecontamination System

The VHP 1000i Integrated Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) system is integrated into large-scale facilities as a utility, providing on-demand 6-log bioburden reduction.

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Product Overview

One of a family of STERIS integrated VHP® decontamination systems, the 1000i is a large system capable of facility decontamination, including zones, suites of rooms, or an entire facility. The VHP 1000i system is permanently integrated into buildings as a utility and controlled by the building automation system. Using the air handling network or dedicated piping, VHP can provide decontamination with minimal disruption, making frequent bioburden reduction possible with little to no labor.

Based on proven STERIS technology in use at thousands of locations on five continents, the VHP 1000i is the answer to many decontamination needs.

  • Reduced Risk of Error: Replace manual steps with an automated process achieving validated, repeatable 6-log bioburden reduction.
  • Increased Productivity: Integrated VHP system require little to no labor, saving time and money. With the push of a button, critical environments are decontaminated.
  • Broad-spectrum Decontamination: Proven 6-log bioburden reduction efficacy against broad range of spores, viruses, organisms, and fungi.
  • On Command: When integrated into your building automation system, the 1000i simplifies operation with routine or special, scheduled or off-cadence decontamination cycles.
  • Versatile and Flexible: STERIS VHP systems have options to enable a custom approach to the broadest range of application requirements across many industries.
  • Multi-surface Compatibility: STERIS VHP is a dry, small-vapor molecule that doesn't leave any residue. Laboratory and production surfaces are safe, as are sensitive equipment components, computers and other specialized devices.

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