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VHP DC-A Decontamination Chamber Atmospheric

For GMP-regulated pharmaceutical companies required to decontaminate aseptic material packages, such as vial stopper bags, wrapped components, and syringes, transferred between areas of different classifications.

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Product Overview

STERIS Life Sciences has developed a new Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®) decontamination chamber solution for contamination control in aseptic material transfer.  A typical application is surface bio-decontamination of pre-sterilized material packages, such as vial stopper bags, wrapped components and syringes.


The VHP DC-A Decontamination Chamber Atmospheric process cycle consists of three distinctive phases:

  • Pre-Conditioning 
  • VHP Decontamination 
  • Post-Conditioning

In the preconditioning phase the chamber air is dehumidified to ensure successful process. In addition to dehumidification the Pre-Conditioning phase lowers the amount of particulates on the load.

VHP Decontamination accomplishes 6-log bioburden reduction of the bio-burden by utilizing STERIS’s non condensing VHP process.

Post–Conditioning aeration removes VHP gas from a chamber by a highly efficient catalyzer that breaks VHP gas into water and oxygen. The chamber door can be opened when VHP concentration inside the chamber is at the safe level.

The unit is controlled Siemens PLC and HMI. It has easy to interface configurable parameters to accommodate multitude of different loads.


  • STERIS’s non-condensing vaporized hydrogen peroxide technology that ensures 6-log reduction of bio-burden. 
  • A unique process for reducing particulates on transferred materials
  • A short cycle time with proven decontamination result throughout the chamber.
  • A completely independent system that is easy to install and validate.
  • Very low hydrogen peroxide consumption
  • Uncompromised operator safety achieved through extensive risk analysis
  • GMP compliance certificate for process, performance and equipment by TÜV SÜD Germany

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