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VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit

Its high output of VHP® sterilant, shorter cycle times, and ease of operation set the industry standard for the mobile biodecontamination of cleanroom environments and facilities.

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Product Overview

How the VHP® VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit works

The unit combines STERIS's patented, world renowned VHP process technology with SmartPhase™ software technology and high capacity output to optimize cycle time and achieve desired bioburden targets.

SmartPhase software technology is a sophisticated software algorithm that responds to real-time sensor feedback adjusting unit parameters to provide the shortest biodecontamination cycle with achieving desired log reduction and limiting the possibility of condensation.

Why the VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit?

Easy Operation

  • At a touch of a few buttons, SmartPhase software technology automatically runs the biodecontamination cycle1

Shorter Cycle Time

  • With up to 25g/min of hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilant injection and SmartPhase software control, decontamination cycle time is reduced

High Capacity

  • Capable of decontaminating single rooms of up to 566m3 (20,000ft3) and multiple units can be used to decontaminate up to 5,000m3 (175,000ft3) at one time


  • Network up to 10 VICTORY Biodecontamination Units via Ethernet
  • Optional RealVNC remote software operation for synchronized biodecontamination of multiple rooms and complete facilities
  • Link up to 3 VHP TS1000 Tri-Scale Sensors
  • Link up to 2 VHP AR1200 Aerators

 1Refer to the Vaprox® Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant package label and insert for additional information and application instructions.

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