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Reliance 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer

For biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, this glassware washing machine simultaneously holds up to three mixed loads of laboratory glassware and critical components, increasing productivity.

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Product Overview

STERIS's Reliance® 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer provides unmatched compliance to cGMP standards and unique flexibility that maximizes productivity while minimizing operation costs. The PG washer series is especially designed to facilitate cleaning validation. When combined with especially formulated chemistries and global service offering, STERIS’s unique certified cleaning process provides a higher level of assurance that expected cleaning results are achieved.

How The Reliance 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer Works

STERIS’s Reliance 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer provides efficient cleaning of various materials and components utilized in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing process industries, such as glassware, vessels, filling line components, and exchange parts. The Programmable Logic Control system (PLC) provides up to eleven adjustable cycles, three of which are pre-programmed at the factory. The 380PG simultaneously accepts up to three mixed loads of various sizes and shapes, increasing productivity. Reliance Pharmaceutical Grade Washers are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented according to the latest global practices and standards to facilitate customer compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

Why Reliance 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washers?

  • Easy to Validate - Sanitary design and compliance to BPE standard facilitates validation.
  • Efficacy - Monitoring of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Spray Arm rotation provides a higher level of cleaning assurance.
  • Flexibility - Unique triple accessory loading system enables unlimited mixed load combinations.
  • Productivity - High performance drying system helps improve overall washing cycle times.
  • Cost Savings - Reduced water consumption results into lower operation costs.

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