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Reliance 400XLS and 500XLS Laboratory Glassware Washers

Large-capacity glassware washer and dryer systems that maximize productivity. The wash chambers in both models easily hold various sizes of laboratory glassware, reducing the number of loads needed to process daily requirements.

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Product Overview

STERIS’ Reliance® 400XLS and 500XLS Glassware Washers are designed to provide unmatched flexibility and unsurpassed cleaning and drying efficacy for laboratory applications. When combined with especially formulated chemistries and global service offering, STERIS’s unique certified cleaning process provides a higher level of assurance that expected cleaning results are achieved. The unique accessory loading system enhances productivity while reducing operational costs. The XLS Series' innovative design minimizes energy consumption and greatly reduces operating costs.

How The Reliance 400XLS & 500XLS Glassware Washers Work:

STERIS’ Reliance 400XLS and 500XLS Large Capacity Glassware Washers enable effective cleaning of typical laboratory glassware and plastic-ware. The 400XLS model accommodates up to four different glassware accessories while the 500XLS accommodates six different accessories. The unique universal shelving system allows for processing various sizes of glassware in the same load. Both models are equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) with color touch screen that provides five factory set and seven user definable cycles. The PLC constantly monitors key process parameters such as time, temperature and detergent injection.

Cycle data can be exported to an integral optional printer, or to an external computer.

The cleaning solution is circulated through the chamber spray arms and individual spindle headers to ensure entire coverage of load items. HEPA filtered heated air is also circulated through the spindles to ensure fast and efficient drying of flasks and bottles.

The XLS Series can be equipped with systems that recover heat from the exhaust and the effluent to further reduce utility consumption. An optional package is available to monitor other key process parameters such as pump pressure, wash solution conductivity and final rinse water conductivity to provide a higher level of assurance that expected cleaning results are achieved.

Why Reliance 400XLS & 500XLS Glassware Washers?

  • Energy Efficient - Unique sump design, smart filling/drying and heat recovery technologies reduce utility and detergent consumption.
  • Throughput - Universal shelving system accommodates various sizes of glassware and increases productivity.
  • Compact Design - Vertical automatic sliding door saves precious laboratory floor space.
  • Ease of Installation - Non-vented system eliminates the need for a costly connection to the building exhaust system. The effluent heat recovery system facilitates installation by eliminating the need to connect the washer to the hot water supply.
  • Efficacy - Observation window and interior light enable visual monitoring of cleaning process. Key process parameters are constantly monitored and dual speed pump ensures constant pressure is delivered to accessories for consistent cleaning performance.
  • Reliability - Non-proprietary control system and compatibility with STERIS' ProConnect Service Response Center for maximum uptime.

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