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Smart AR Loading Technology

STERIS Smart AR Loading Technology is an assistive augmented reality tool for operations teams needing to eliminate inconsistent rack loading and ineffective wash cycles in Reliance PG automated parts washers.

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Product Overview

Eliminate item misplacement and improper loading technique in Reliance PG automated parts washers with the easy-to-use Smart AR Loading Technology. The app runs on a supplied iPad Pro and leverages augmented reality (AR) to guide operators in the loading of STERIS Reliance PG washer racks.

It makes parts placement easy and consistent, reduces errors, lowers training requirements, and improves productivity.

The Smart AR solution is designed for a Customer’s validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Smart AR is a completely offline tool, and it is compatible with any STERIS Reliance PG automated parts washers.


With the advanced Smart AR App launched, the operator aims the iPad camera at the washer rack. The app superimposes a custom-designed 3D overlay onto the wash rack image, showing the precise location and orientation of each wash item. The virtual overlay moves and rotates with the operator’s movements as they load the rack, allowing them to completely visualize the entire wash load and confirm all items are loaded in compliance with the validated procedures. A digital list keeps track of all items included in the validated procedures, making sure that the load is complete prior to initiating a wash cycle.

Smart AR Loading Technology includes:

  • One interactive experience to be designed per Customer’s validated procedure
  • One iPad-Pro
  • Protective case compatible with conventional gloves used in a GMP environment
  • Initial year of use

Smart AR Loading Technology is an annual license platform that requires subscription through STERIS’s service program after the initial year of use.


  • Maximize Productivity - Utilizes technology designed specifically for your processes.
  • Ensure Compliance - Makes parts placement easy and consistent across wash cycles by confirming each part has been loaded in alignment with your facility’s validated procedures.
  • Ease of Operation - Allows new hires to get up-to-speed quickly and virtually eliminates the need for re-training.

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