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Alcare Foamed Handrub

Alcare® Foamed Antiseptic Handrub

Rich, antimicrobial foam for routine hand sanitization

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Product Overview

STERIS' Alcare® Antiseptic Foamed Handrub is formulated with ethyl alcohol that contains selected emollients to soften skin and prevent dryness. It is ideal for personnel in pharmaceutical environments for reducing the risk of environmental contamination. Alcare foamed alcohol is an excellent adjunct to hand washing when additional antimicrobial protection is needed. This product has documented efficacy against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, and it meets the criteria of the FDA as a healthcare personnel hand wash and a surgical scrub.


STERIS' Alcare Antiseptic Foamed Alcohol is an alcohol based hand rub that offers fast antimicrobial action on hands without the need for a water rinse.


Productivity - Fast acting, proven antimicrobial efficacy for hands.
Safety - Formulated with special emollients to moisturize your skin.
Efficacy - Foam format allows the best possible hand coverage.
Reliability - US FDA Surgical Scrub classification provides assurance of antimicrobial persistence.
Ease of Use - Designed for high frequency use as an adjunct to routine hand washing.

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