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Kindest Kare Foam Handrub

Kindest Kare™ Foam Foam Antiseptic Handrub with Enhanced Emollients

Aerated, antimicrobial foam that moisturizes as well as lotions.

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Product Overview

Kindest Kare™ Foam Antiseptic Handrub with Enhanced Emollients is an aerated foam formulation of 62% ethyl alcohol and emollients that provides hand antisepsis and moisturizes as well as a hand lotion. It is ideal to reduce the risk of environmental contamination from personnel. Kindest Kare Foam Handrub is an excellent adjunct to hand washing when additional microbial protection is needed. This product has documented efficacy against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, and it meets the criteria of the FDA as a healthcare personnel handwash or surgical scrub. Kindest Kare Foam Handrub is intended for professional use only. 


Kindest Kare Foam Handrub is an alcohol based handrub that offers fast antimicrobial action on hands without the need for a water rinse.


  • Ease of Use - Mild formulation moisturizes as well as hand lotions
  • Efficacy - Meets US FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements and shows improved performance with repeated use  
  • Productivity - Liquid level is visible in the non-pressurized container for easy monitoring and empty container disposal
  • Safety - Formulated with enhanced emollients for high frequency professional use
  • Flexibility - Available in a table top and wall mounted manual or touchless dispensers


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