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AMSCO LSS Large Steam Sterilizer

Designed to process laboratory animal caging systems, hard goods, porous loads,and liquid loads in vented and non-vented containers, while maximizing productivity, flexibility, safety,and reliability.

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Product Overview

The AMSCO® LSS Large Steam Sterilizer is designed to process laboratory animal caging systems and associated equipment. Developed with the sustainable laboratory in mind, the LSS incorporates several features to maximize productivity, provide flexibility, and ensure safety and reliability.

How the AMSCO LSS Large Steam Sterilizer Works

The LSS is equipped with a fully programmed PLC control system and is capable of sterilizing a variety of loads using saturated steam under pressure. Mechanical air removal is used for porous loads or gravity removal is used for liquids in vented containers or other items that cannot tolerate a vacuum. The average chamber temperature is controlled within ±1.0°C (1.8°F) of the sterilization temperature set point during the exposure phase, after stabilization. The sterilizer is equipped with a standard pre-vacuum cycle provided for sterilization of all dry goods and porous loads at 110-135°C (230-275°F). Liquids in vented containers may be processed using a slow exhaust post-conditioning phase. All sterilizers are fully tested prior to shipment to ensure proper operation.

Why the AMSCO LSS Large Steam Sterilizer


  • Sizes range from 3.2 cubic meters to 8.5 cubic meters (111 cubic feet to 305 cubic feet), allowing for a full range of load sizes


  • Full range of programs and options to manage vivariums and BSL 3 & 4 application
  • Decontamination Cycles using either 0.2 micron filter or Virasure Heat Barrier
  • Fully welded BioSeal suitable for BSL 3 & 4 applications
  • Can be manufactured to utilize STERIS VHP® process technology, which utilizes vaporized hydrogen peroxide to biodecontaminate heat and moisture sensitive devices

The AMSCO LSS comes with the following Energy and Water saving features:

  • Electronic Water Saving Control (standard)
  • Automatic Utilities Startup/Shut Down (standard)
  • Cooling Water Saving Package (optional)
  • Cooling Water Recycling package (optional)
  • Closed Loop Cascade Jacket Cooling System (optional)

In designing the LSS, STERIS has combined a proven design with precision engineering and durable construction to provide long lasting performance

  • 316L stainless steel chamber construction with 304 Stainless Steel full jacket for long life and excellent performance

Certificate of Analysis

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