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Powder Transfer Sleeves

Our sleeves are designed with inner skirts and other features to reduce cross-contamination and facilitate ease of use. They are specifically fitted to the exact mills, blenders, granulators and other equipment you use.

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Product Overview

Powder transfer sleeves move powders and other product between vessels, processing equipment and containers during production. STERIS Barrier Product Solutions, formerly GEPCO, offers many types of sleeves for powder transfer that are specifically fitted to mills, blenders, granulators and other equipment from many different manufacturers.

These powder transfer sleeves are designed with inner skirts and other features to ensure that product is moved precisely and cleanly. STERIS Barrier Product Solutions has selected materials with optimal barrier/breathability to allow air or other gases to be exhausted, while preventing product from being dispersed into the production environment. These powder handling bags are disposable, but are rugged enough to be used many times before discarding. By using a disposable sleeve during powder transfer, it helps provide protection against cross contamination. Furthermore, the need to launder and track contaminated sleeves is eliminated. Powder transfer sleeves incorporate elastic, drawstrings and snaps into their designs to facilitate quick, easy and secure installation of the sleeve – eliminating the need for tools to be introduced into the production area.

  • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimizes operator exposure to “dusting” of powders
  • Reduces airborne particles and wasted product
  • Reusable and disposable
  • Eases maintenance – no need to launder or mend
  • Simplifies management – no need to track dedicated sleeves
  • Designed specifically to fit your equipment
  • Exact-fitted elastic rope connections – no tool required
  • Promotes fast setup and quick changeover
  • Allows outgassing while keeping product contained


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