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Environ LpH se Disinfectant

Environ® LpH® se Phenolic Disinfectant 

Phenolic, acidic disinfectant; non-sterile concentrate

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Product Overview

STERIS' Environ® LpH® se Phenolic Disinfectant is the non-sterile version of the Environ LpH family of products made specifically for use on hard, non-porous surfaces. It is formulated to deliver proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms and surfactants to improve disinfection efficacy and assist in cleaning performance. At a use-dilution rate of 8.0 mL per liter (1:128), the Environ LpH products are effective without harming common surface materials. Formulated to maintain an acidic use-dilution pH of 2.0, the acidic Environ LpH formulation is ideal for use with the alkaline Environ® Vesphene® formulation in a disinfectant rotation program.


STERIS' Environ LpH se Phenolic Disinfectant is a liquid concentrate specifically formulated for the disinfection of hard surfaces. The use-dilution can be applied manually or sprayed.


  • Efficacy - Broad spectrum microbiological efficacy proven using EN testing protocols.
  • Reliability - Active ingredients notified according to the Biocide Product Directive (BPD).
  • Ease of Use - Acidic and alkaline formulation are ideal for use in a disinfectant rotation program.
  • Assurance - Formulated with surfactants to improve disinfectant efficacy.
  • Consistency - Manufactured in accordance with cGMP at STERIS Corporation with complete lot traceability.

This product is not available in the United States

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