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Septihol WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution

70% (v/v) USP isopropanol alcohol and 30% USP WFI in a bag-on-valve aerosol can that sprays at any angle to remove residue from hard surfaces and minimize waste; sterile and double bagged for easy introduction into cleanrooms

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Product Overview

STERIS' Septihol® WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution is an innovative bag on valve aerosol can containing a mixture of 70% (v/v) USP isopropanol 30% USP Water For Injection (WFI). All cans are filled and double bagged in a Grade B (Class 100) facility and gamma irradiated to ensure sterility for easy introduction in critical areas. Each lot is documented by Certificates of Analysis that contain Endotoxin, Irradiation and Sterility results.


STERIS' Septihol WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution removes residue from hard surfaces even from the most critical surfaces. It can be used straight out of the aerosol can and be sprayed in any direction. Since it contains no stabilizers or denaturants, it evaporates quickly and completely.


  • Productivity - Ready to use sterile alcohol eliminates in-house production validation and documentation concerns.
  • Flexibility - Bag on valve aerosol design eliminates contact between product and pressurizing nitrogen, permits operation at any angle, and allows maximum product discharge which minimizes contamination potential and waste while maximizing use flexibility.
  • Ease of Use - Double bagged for ease of introduction into aseptic areas.
  • Safety - 0.2 micron filtered, clean room grade B (Class 100) filled and packaged minimizes potential for particles being introduces during use.
  • Reliability - Each lot is tested to ensure sterility and low endotoxins. 

These products are not registered as disinfectants by the US EPA.


Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser

The Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser series is intended to support the decontamination of gloved hands in pharmaceutical and biotechnology controlled environments using STERIS’ Septihol® WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution. 

Why Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser?

  • Hands-Free Use - Exclusive foot activated dispenser eliminates contact between gloved hands and surfaces during decontamination. Additional Back-of-Hand configuration and optional Elbow Actuator help meet facility design classification needs and user preferences. 
  • Stainless Steel Construction - Autoclavable and compatible with a variety of cleanroom sporicides and disinfectants. 
  • Flexibility - Wall mounted or installed on STERIS’ Portable Stand allows the ideal cleanroom locations to be selected for routine glove decontamination. 
  • Standardization - Helps establish repeatable glove decontamination procedures which can reduce cross-contamination from gloved hand contact.

Learn more or download the dispenser product overview.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of manufacture/analysis for consumable products by product ID and lot number. (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required)