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ProKlenz Booster Sterile Detergent

ProKlenzTM Booster Sterile Detergent

Concentrated detergent for controlled environments

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Product Overview

Our ProKlenzTM Booster Sterile Detergent is designed to remove organic and inorganic residues from product and non-product contact surfaces. Sterile filtered and filled in an ISO Class 5 aseptic environment, each package is double bagged for easy entry into your controlled environments and aseptic core areas. This product has an extensive documentation package to meet your validation objectives and is supported by the STERIS Technical Services team for individualized application and validation assistance.


STERIS' ProKlenz Booster Sterile Detergent removes residue from hard surfaces even from the most critical surfaces. It is formulated to utilize multiple cleaning mechanisms to clean a broad spectrum of soils.


  • Efficacy - Formulated with hydrogen peroxide and surfactants to utilize multiple cleaning mechanisms to clean a broad spectrum of soils
  • Safety - Moderate pH allows for use in manual cleaning and compatible with many substrates
  • Convenience - Double bagged for easy introduction into your aseptic areas.
  • Quality - 0.2 micron filtered, aseptically filled and packaged minimizes potential for particles being introduces during use.
  • Assurance - Each lot documented by a Certificate of Analysis including sterility results.

These products are not registered as disinfectants by the US EPA.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of manufacture/analysis for consumable products by product ID and lot number. (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required)