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Sell Sheet   Process LpH st Disinfectant Info
Data Sheet   LPH III st Disinfectant Safety Data Sheet
Label   LPH III st Disinfectant Label
Case Study   Cleaning Process Design Stage
These guidance documents are focused on validation ensuring manufacturing control of the cleaning process The pre- and post-validation phases may be factored into the process, but are neither emphasized in the regulatory guides no in the industry practices.
Data Sheet   Cal Stat Plus Hand Rinse Data
Sell Sheet   Steam Generator Flush and Drain
Sell Sheet   Steam Separator Filter
Article Reprint   A Risk-Based Approach to Stainless Steel Equipment Maintenance

“A risk-based approach to stainless steel equipment maintenance” written by our STERIS experts, Elizabeth Rivera, Dijana Hadziselimovic and Paul Lopolito has been reprinted and posted on the BioPharm International journal website on Aug 25, 2017.  In the article they talk about how laboratory tests can determine critical cleaning parameters for passivation treatments used to prevent rouge on GMP stainless-steel equipment.

The article can be found here on

Sell Sheet   STER1212 SporeKlenzSellSheet
MSDS   Steraffirm Emulating Indicators Safety

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