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Integrated VHP

An all-inclusive biodecontamination system integrated into your facility.

STERIS VHP is an effective bio-decontamination solution to achieve a repeatable 6-log bioburden reduction on a broad range of materials in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and research environments.


How VHP Integrated Systems Work


STERIS integrated vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) systems can decontaminate large spaces easily and automatically, minimizing disruption to production areas and making frequent decontamination possible.

Unlike traditional gas sterilization methods, VHP is a dry small vapor molecule that doesn’t leave residue on surfaces, providing a broad range of material compatibilityincluding sensitive electronics such as laptops and laboratory equipment. VHP can decontaminate every surface in a room, building or enclosure, achieving a repeatable 6 log bioburden reduction.

This dry, low temperature sterilization process has four phases: 




Why Choose VHP Integrated Systems?

STERIS VHP integrated systems are a simple, easy and effective way to make routine decontamination a reality in your facility.


STERIS Integrated VHP Systems

Unsure of which integrated VHP system is right for your facility? Contact us for a free facility assessment where our trusted experts will work with your team to determine a solution based on your facility’s unique requirements.  

STERIS Integrated VHP Unit 

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