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Upgrades and Specialty Services

Boost the performance of your older equipment by upgrading key components with the latest technology.


Upgrading may prolong the lifespan of your equipment while offering you more features and better performance. Contact your STERIS representative to discuss your upgrade solutions.

Just a few of the upgrades includes:

  • Control System Upgrades
  • Display Upgrades
  • Steam Generators
  • HVAC Packages
  • Proportional Capacity Control System package
  • Sight Glass Upgrade Kits
  • Water Conservation Controls
  • Autoclave Steam Controls
  • Steam Generators
  • Utility Piping Verification Kit

Specialty Services

STERIS’s Field Service Representatives are trained specialists and the best in their field. If you have the need for a specialty service, why not go to the best? Contact us to discuss your specialty needs.

Just a few of our Specialty Services includes:

  • Steam Generators Flush and Drain
  • Improved Shell Insulation Kits
  • Solution Cooling Kits
  • Deroughing
  • Water Descaling
  • Washers Coverage Testing