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MENTOR, OHIO – April 7, 2022- STERIS has launched the Smart AR Loading Technology, an assistive application for Customers wanting to eliminate item misplacement and improper loading techniques in Reliance PG automated parts washers. The easy-to-use app leverages Augmented Reality and moves with an operator in real time as they load a wash rack, ensuring proper orientation and loading of each item before every wash cycle.

“This assistive tool leverages advanced AR technology to provide valuable immediate feedback about parts placement in the wash rack,” said Andrea Conroy, Vice President, Marketing, STERIS Life Sciences Equipment and Service. “It reduces reliance on the experience of the operator and can guide newer employees with on-the-job training.”

Smart AR loading technology increases efficiency and reduces risks by ensuring consistent and accurate parts placement. An operator launches the app, points the iPad at the washer and follows a 3D overlay custom-designed for your validated procedures. The virtual overlay moves and rotates with the operator’s movements as they load the rack, allowing them to visualize the entire wash load and confirm all items are loaded in compliance. A roll down list keeps track of all items included in the validated procedures, making sure that the load is complete prior to initiating a wash cycle.

This innovative technology reduces training time for new employees and essentially eliminates the need for retraining.

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